VP of Sales Mentoring

1:1 Sales Coaching, Mentoring And Sales Leadership Certification


VP Of Sales Leaderships Skills And Tools Delivered To Existing And New Sales Leaders

The VP of Sales Mentoring Program – is similar to an Outsourced VP of Sales engagement for content & deliverables. The VP of Sales Mentoring Program provides award-winning 1:1 VP of Sales coaching that results in building up your sales leader, honing in on their strategic, tactical and behavioral competencies focused on their world, within their organization.


For Small to Medium Sized Businesses Looking To Scale And Grow To The Next level

The role of your sales leader at any sized company is challenging, whether the title is Sales Director, VP of Sales or Senior VP of Sales. Responsibility for sales and marketing for the entire company is demanding and requires a wide range of skills and competencies in strategy, planning, accountability and discipline – giving up good to get great. It is quite possibly the most difficult role in the organization. Sometimes improvement comes as a result of development in the key areas needed by the Sales head. Other times, it is about an already strong sales leader engaging with a skilled thought partner that can challenge them.

Why Do Our Clients Make The Choice To Leverage A VP Of Sales Mentoring Program?

Best practices for strategic development is needed
Market or Product-focused strategic plans are needed
Need to develop the most effective sales structure
Individual Coaching plans for the Sales team are needed
Need to develop effective sales processes
Compelling compensation and accountability needs to be established/developed
Effective collaboration with company executives needs to be implemented
Strategic customer relationship building is required
Impactful performance review process is needed
Sales focus aligned with company vision is critical
Recruitment process aligned with values and skillset

What Is The Process For The VP Of Sales Mentoring Program?

The VP of Sales Mentoring Program is individually designed with flexibility for a combination of on-site 1:1 coaching opportunities over a period of 6-12 months. From strategy building and budget development, to standardized employee performance reviews, opportunities for expert coaching generating immediate results abound. Customized to the needs of the sales leader, instilling more effective practices will produce the desired results.

If you are a business owner, or a sales leader, where achieving enhanced sales performance is a significant priority, the expertise of an award-winning, experienced Sr. Vice President of Sales to build the talents and capabilities of your existing Head of Sales will bring strong and sustainable results for both the sales leader and those around them.