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Improve Your Sales Execution, Strategy and Process

Sales Execution
Sales Execution

Create the sales organization that fits your sales objectives

Involve sales force automation to streamline your processes

Developing sales metrics to measure key sales objectives and daily activities

Managing your sales team and holding them accountable


Leverage business intelligence to increase your sales growth rate

Build the proper compensation model to drive needed behavior

Precisely defining goals for sales and business growth potential


Hire, On-board and train your sales team

Produce predictable sales forecasting

Create rules of engagement that are understood by everyone

Creating forecasting and pipeline management tools

Sales Solutions For Every Challenge

Our turnkey selling solutions empower small businesses and mid-sized corporations to confidently launch or expand their sales operations and free up the leadership to work “on” their business.

Fractional CRO/CSO/VP of Sales

Trust in the abilities of a Fortune 500 Vice President of Sales to expertly handle all aspects of managing your sales team, freeing you to confidently grow your business and boost revenue.

Identify and Develop Permanent Sales Leader

Our Certified Sales Leader training empowers Sales Managers with the skills, coaching, techniques, and tools necessary to lead successful sales teams. With Rain Group and Integrity Sales Training’s company-wide sales methodology, you can approach every challenge with confidence.

Scientific Assessments

We confirm that we have the right people in the right roles to achieve company objectives through our trusted partners: Predictive Index and Objective Management Group.

Case Studies

Sales Gap

With over 50 years of successful business in Texas, a food service company recognized that extra support was necessary to overcome gaps in revenue and infrastructure. As CEO-led sales became unsustainable, they sought outside expertise. Despite the 40-day-long challenges of the global pandemic, they remained confident, focusing on short-term survival and future opportunities post-Covid.

Sales Strategy

With John’s leadership, the company confidently embraced a strategy and plan, allowing for a smooth transition in ownership. The Fraction / Outsourced model was a low-risk choice that further instilled confidence in the company’s future success.

Praise from Our Clients

John was referred to us as an expert in the channel. We need his sales expertise. The scope immediately broadened to all aspects of our business, form VP of Sales to CXO! We realized margin improvement, revenue improvement and a clearer direction forward, all during a Global Pandemic and supply chain challenge!

Andy Blanton

We engaged John Spencer as our Outsourced VP of Sales a month prior to the pandemic. We maintained key accounts, retained our top sellers, and prepared for 2021. By Q1 of 2021 we were recruiting and growing again. The sales infrastructure like the weekly sales meetings, KPIs and CRM kept the Sales team focused and looking forward. John became part of our senior staff and contributed to all elements of the company given his broad experience. I recommend companies consider a Fractional or Outsourced Sales leader as the next logical step to advance the sales vertical, prior to hiring full-time.

Paul Brown
President Mcliff

John is an amazing leader with the right balance of authority and approachability. He provides strong and clear directions to subordinates and leads teams to continuous success. He works tirelessly to exceed goals and expectations and fully devoted to bigger causes. He is a truly result-oriented powerhouse, driving businesses to new highs.

Chelsea Palmer
Software Engineer, Meta

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Our Simple and Powerful 3-Step Process


Create A Sales Infrastructure

Experience breakthrough sales results for your business with a powerful sales infrastructure.


Find Your Ideal Customers with Confidence

Confidently assess and optimize your sales team, sales strategy, sales and coaching process, and sales execution.


Grow Your

Implementing necessary and strategic changes will drive sustained revenue growth for your business and ensure long-term success.

About Clear Direction

Meet Our Founder

John Spencer brings over 30 years of diverse leadership experience to the table. With more than a decade serving as a USAF officer and two decades navigating the corporate landscape, John has had hands-on involvement with revenues exceeding $300 million in billion-dollar companies and over $5 million in small businesses.

Throughout his career, John has been instrumental in establishing and revitalizing sales teams and strategies, starting from the ground up. His deep cross-functional leadership background has equipped him with a keen understanding of various company cultures. He knows the importance of clear communication and straightforward approaches, particularly in environments where these skills are crucial.

John’s approach is grounded in a clearly defined process. He works closely with your sales organization to identify existing trends, improve your sales team’s capabilities, and enhance your sales processes. His goal is to assist in achieving your sales growth targets until you’re prepared to bring on a full-time VP of Sales. With John’s expertise and collaborative approach, navigating sales growth becomes a smoother and more attainable journey.

Evaluate Your Company’s Sales Readiness

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