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Our Services

Sales Solutions For Every Challenge

I provide turnkey selling solutions to small and mid-sized businesses scaling or struggling to break-through.  The objective is to free the business leadership to focus on their business. 

Fractional CRO/CSO/VP of Sales

Need help improving your sales? Let an experienced VP of Sales take on all the work involved with running your sales team.

Identify and Develop Permanent Sales Leader

Certified Sales Leader training is focused on expanding your skill set as a Sales Manager by providing you coaching, techniques and tools to lead a successful sales team. Integrity Sales Training provides a company-wide sales methodology.

Scientific Assessments

Utilize data to confirm you have the right people in the right roles to accomplish company objectives.                Predictive Index, Objective Management Group


Case Studies

Case Study

Sales Gap

A food service company operating across Texas and in business for over 50 years, realized they needed outside assistance to address sales gaps in infrastructure and revenue. Sales leadership was being handled by the CEO, which was not sustainable for the long term. The Global Pandemic occurred 40 days into the engagement. The new objective was near-term survival and preparation for post-Covid opportunities. 

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Case Study

Sales Strategy

Change in ownership and a realization that they needed an experienced sales and business leader. The company was operating from transaction to transaction without a strategy or plan. John was very experienced and able to step in right away, and the Fractional/Outsourced model was low-risk for the company.


Who We Help

Are You Experiencing Any of These Problems?

  • Declining or stagnant sales
  • No lead generation systems or methodology
  • Finding the “right” salesperson for your company or industry
  • Frequent sales team turn-over
  • Growing too fast with no sales processes or procedures in place
  • Not knowing the right strategy or where to start to create one
  • A lack of time to effectively manage the sales team

How We Help

Improve Your Sales Execution, Strategy & Process By:

  • Leverage business intelligence to increase your sales growth rate
  • Create the sales organization that fits your sales objectives
  • Hire, On-board and train your sales team
  • Build the proper compensation model to drive needed behavior
  • Produce predictable sales forecasting
  • Create rules of engagement that are understood by everyone
  • Involve sales force automation to streamline your processes
  • Managing your sales team and holding them accountable
  • Precisely defining goals for sales and business growth potential
  • Creating forecasting and pipeline management tools
  • Developing sales metrics to measure key sales objectives and daily activities
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Meet John Spencer

John Spencer has 30 years of leadership experience: 10+ as a USAF officer and 20 in Corporate America. Revenue responsibility for $300M+ within $Billion companies and $5M+ in small companies. John has established and rebuilt sales teams and strategies from the ground up. John’s deep cross-functional leadership experience has given him the insight to work in a wide array of company cultures where clarity and direct communication skills are needed. John uses a clearly defined process to identify existing trends within your sales organization, enhance and develop your sales team and sales process to help execute your sales growth metrics until you’re ready to hire a full-time VP of Sales.

John Spencer