What My Clients Have To Say

Praise from Our Clients

John’s innovative approach and winning attitude toward his objectives are refreshing and energizing. His leadership experience serves him, his reports and his clients well with a perfect balance of knowledge, clear thinking, and firm objectives. He is an expert at proper communication and process to meet the needs of his team and clients while maintaining an appropriate level of empathy and understanding to challenges that are presented while finding creative ways to overcome.

Gary Massetti

John is a great leader, with a style can be described as “passionate”. We had an opportunity to work together for 5 years as business partners on a large customer project. His project management skills ensured timely and accurate product and service projects; his people skills bridged the gap for all levels of management and staff; his consultative knowledge skills provided the right business solutions; his forward thinking skills provided solutions that would continue to provide benefit for the customer; and his leadership skills provided all with a focused direction for the project.

BJ Williams
WW Grainger

John is an amazing leader with the right balance of authority and approachability. He provides strong and clear directions to subordinates and leads teams to continuous success. He works tirelessly to exceed goals and expectations and fully devoted to bigger causes. He is a truly result-oriented powerhouse, driving businesses to new highs.

Chelsea Palmer
Software Engineer, Meta

John was an “effects-based” performer and leader who not only made sure the short-term goals were met, but who also had a strategic vision of where the unit was going. For example, as we introduced a $9 million simulator system, John was the one who made sure it was quickly integrated and operational – but he also saw the vision of what more we could do with the system. He understood the second and third stage order of effects and was responsible for the success of the unit. The USAF lost a great leader and mentor when he left the service.

Colonel Eddie Box
USAF Retired