Talent Optimization using Predictive Index to Build and Design any Team

Reduce turnover by selecting the right candidates and improving your current employees’ performance

I provide a method to better assess your candidates so you are finding the perfect team every time. Furthermore, my Sales Team Behavioral Assessments are perfect for enhancing current employees’ strengths, while simultaneously identifying areas for improvement.

How Do Sales Team Behavioral Assessments Help?

Candidate Profile
Determine the ideal candidate profile for each role

Candidate Assessment
Assess candidates relative to the ideal profile

Candidate Selection
Compares candidate assessment results to the job requirements and provides an overall Job Fit result. The closer the result to the target, the better the fit.

Coaching and Development
Assessment results indicate strengths and areas for improvement for current employees. Also, it provides coaching notes for Sales Leadership use.

Employees who aren’t a good fit for their role(s) can be costly for any business. Assessments help with hiring decisions and understanding the core characteristics to excel in a given role.

Developing Your Sales Strategy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Are you the Owner, President, or CEO of a business with $1M to $50M in revenue that isn’t growing to potential? Has it become difficult to grow sales without experienced leadership and oversight of your team? Do you need an outside perspective and fresh ideas?

Our assessments allow organizations to fill the gaps between resume and interview