Sales Training/Mentoring

Let a Certified Sales Leader (CSL) take your sales team to new heights


The Certified Sales Leader (CSL) designation is the country’s most comprehensive sales leadership certification program offered.

Who Needs This Training?

Star Sales Rep
Needs Foundational Skills to Move to A Leadership Role

Experienced Leader
Lacking Consistency in Performance and Missing Sales Goals

Inexperienced Leader
New to a Sales Leadership Role and Not Equipped with Needed Skills

CSL leadership training and certification will prepare you with the analytical, tactical, and strategic sales management skills needed to drive revenue growth now…and into the future.

Develop Your Sales Staff to be Rock Stars of the Industry

Our experienced trainers are adept at training anyone to be a leader in sales, regardless of the industry. We pride ourselves on the professionalism and dedication exhibited by our sales trainers. Start training your staff to excel today and see why we are so excited about what we can offer your business.

Business seminar speaker doing presentation and professional training about marketing, sales and e-commerce. Flat illustration of public conference and motivation for business audience

CSL content was created by experienced sales leaders. Our trainers ARE sales leaders


Minimum of 10 years sales leadership experience, average is 23 years’ experience.


Real-world sales leadership experience – classes are not taught by facilitators with little to no sales leadership experience


There is no topic the student will ask the trainer that they have not experienced in their corporate life.


Covers 16 valuable lessons covering Sales Success, Understanding Customers, Forecasting, CRM, Sales Strategy, Coaching, Managing a Team, Compensation, Business Planning, Sales Meetings, Strategy, and more.


Participants can immediately apply what they have learned in the field because they have not only learned the material in class, but they have applied it against a mock organization.


Participants will leave with practical tools, documents and templates for all aspects of sales leadership.


The program offers experiential learning as participants apply what they have learned against a mock organization. It is much more than simply coursework.


Participants receive valuable mentoring throughout class, and long after, by building a relationship with the sales leader teaching CSL.


Participants will receive a Certified Sales Leader (CSL) designation after successfully passing a certification exam. The CSL designation will certify that they have the training necessary to be a successful sales leader