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About John Spencer

John Spencer

John Spencer’s journey started in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he attended the University of Cincinnati before serving as a US Air Force Officer for a decade. Following his military service, John transitioned to corporate America through GE’s Junior Military Officer initiative. He he spent the next 20 years honing his leadership skills at large companies moving to smaller companies to provide even more impact.

In 2019, recognizing a crucial need for experienced leaders in rapidly growing or struggling companies, John founded Clear Direction. Based in Austin, Texas, John, alongside his wife and three children, serves clients across North America.

With over 30 years of leadership experience, John’s background spans from building and managing hundred million-dollar revenues within billion-dollar corporations, to revitalizing sales teams in smaller enterprises. His expertise lies in establishing and reconstructing sales strategies from scratch, drawing from his deep cross-functional leadership background.

John understands the importance of clear communication and has developed a structured process to identify trends within sales organizations, refine sales teams, and optimize sales processes. His goal is to help clients achieve their sales growth objectives until they’re ready to onboard a full-time VP of Sales.